Memphis 3.0 and the Digital Divide

Memphis is undergoing a renaissance, both on and off-campus. Yet as the city's Memphis 3.0 plan envisions the region's bright new future, it's worth considering how economic and civic growth might not evenly reach all of the city's inhabitants. This is especially true in terms of access to and dependence upon technology, a lodestar for the idea of a New Memphis. This panel will consider how city planning, community development, and higher education have addressed technology as a key piece of Memphis's future. Three speakers, including Dr. Andre E. Johnson, who work on different aspects of technology, media, and education will lead a conversation about the challenges to technological equity and opportunities for systemic change.

This roundtable is a part of Memphis Reads 2019 and the Digital Humanities Methods Community of Research Scholars. It is sponsored by the University of Memphis Division of Research & Innovation and the Marcus Orr Center for the Humanities. It is free and open to the public. We will meet in Room 314 in the Arts and Communication Building located at 3715 Central Ave. For more information, contact Prof. Melanie Conroy at