Ferguson: Then and Now

In 2014, the death of Michael Brown rippled through the country. The succeeding days, months, and years included moments of unrest, while the community was struggling to reconcile with the depth of the moment. The National Civil Rights Museum will host a panel that will feature noted journalist Jimmie Briggs, activist artist Elizabeth Vega, and Dr. Andre E. Johnson from the University of Memphis. Jimmie Briggs has continuously stayed engage with the Ferguson debate. Elizabeth Vega, who is featured in the exhibition, Ferguson Voices, is known for her on the street art engagement in the midst of civil unrest while continuously working with the community. Dr. Andre E. Johnson, a professor at the University of Memphis, active in the grassroots movement in Memphis traveled back and forth to Ferguson observing the unrest and civil engagement in its aftermath which informed his activism and pedagogy in Memphis. Victoria Jones of Memphis' The CLTV (Collective) which is dedicated to providing a platform for African American artists joins them. These panelists will discuss what happened on the ground, what has happened since, and how that has influenced the current moment. 

The event takes place on August 22, 2019, at 6pm at the National Civil Rights Museum located at 450 Mulberry St. in Memphis, Tennessee. Admission is free and the event is opened to the public. Please call 901-521-9699 for more information.